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January 12, 2012
By BreatheKatieBreathe95 BRONZE, Beckville, Texas
BreatheKatieBreathe95 BRONZE, Beckville, Texas
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You can be disturbed or even perhaps hypnotized by it. If you look at it one way, it could be a blessing of rain from the heavens, but if you look at it another way, the lightning and thunder can mean an unpleasant curse from the heavens. I have always been interested and amazed by thunderstorms. The love of thunderstorms started when I was just an infant. Thunderstorms are exquisite in my eyes, with the rain pouring down, soaking into the dry earth, making the grass just a bit greener. Then you start hearing the thunder and lightning strikes the ground, lighting up the whole sky like fireworks.
When I was an infant, thunderstorms soothed me and made me drowsy. As soon as the rain started pouring, I’d immediately doze off into a sleep no sound could wake me from. My mom would always tell me that even if the thunder and lightning was insanely loud and made the house shake, I would be sleeping like there was no tomorrow. Now that I’m older, if a thunderstorm comes along, I know that I am going to sleep deeply that night. Thunderstorms can appease me in a way nothing else can.
When I watch a thunderstorm, I don’t see a dangerous or scary occurrence. I see the most beautiful, mysterious thing in the world. The lightning is mind-blowing the way it works and looks. The colors of it and the way it strikes up the sky like fireworks, I feel amazed at the sight of it. Lightning from red to green, to even purple. I watch how marvelous it strikes down from a cloud, making the ground shake at its power. The clouds, gray as smoke, makes me so heavy-eyed. It makes the whole day seem so dull and lazy, I can’t resist the urge to lie in bed, snuggle up in my warm, soft quilted blanket, and sleep for hours.
When I was about ten years old, I saw lightning strike a tree with such might and power, right outside my window and heard the loud booming snap. In a blink of an eye, I saw it fall right outside my window and shake the ground like an earthquake. I was scared at first by it, but I was amazed by the power of it at the same time. That’s my most favorite part of a thunderstorm, the lightning. It’s so unique and an extraordinary part of God’s handy work. Some people see lightning as destructive and intimidating. It can strike a tree one time, and it instantly will engulf in hot, orange flames.
A person can be struck by lightning and instantly die from the electrical shock. Approximately a hundred to six-hundred people die annually in the United States as a result of lightning. Even though I hear these facts, I am still attracted to lightning and thunder of the storm. It doesn’t seem like a danger or hazard to me although some people look at it that way. When it starts thundering, you see the mothers pulling their whining children from playing outside and dragging them inside, fearing the dangers of lightning. But when I see the dark clouds moving in, I go outside, sit on my porch, and wait for the firework show to start.
I know I said my favorite part of a thunderstorm was the lightning. Honestly though, my ultimate favorite part is stepping out of the house the next morning after it rains that night and breathing in the sweet scent of the damp grass. Then you step into the damp earth and your shoes sink down into the mud. You see all the children running towards the mushy, brown colored mud puddles and watch them sink their tiny feet into the squishy mush and start splashing around like a toddler in a kiddy pool. Then you look up and make out the vibrant colors of the rainbow stretching across the sky. It’s inconceivable that the night before, there was destruction and danger outside, but now when you look up, you’re seeing a stunning rainbow in the sky. It shows that even though something bad was happening the night before, there is always a good outcome.
Thunderstorms are the most amazing thing on earth to me; I might even want a career that is involved with tracking thunderstorms or maybe even tornadoes. Next time a thunderstorm comes along, go outside and watch. I assure you, you will be truly amazed.

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