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A Distant Dream

January 7, 2012
By PadmeAmidala GOLD, Ramona, California
PadmeAmidala GOLD, Ramona, California
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Favorite Quote:
"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."

Why are we all growing up so fast? We're still innocent and not ready for the trials and tribulations of life.
It's all so complicated - why can't we stay little kids forever? No responsibilities, at least other than learning and helping around the house. Let's go back to the time when we played hide and seek and invited each other into our play-houses with generosity, served our guests leaves and pokies dished up on frisbees and sprinkled with dirt.
Let's go back to when romance was something only adults and yucky teenagers had. When makeup was something we thought was gross ("I'll never wear it!") and when we thought about the opposite sex, we thought about holding hands. When us girls daydreamed about getting rescued from the neighborhood bully by our crushes who would then beat the bully up.
When the important things were bike riding, flower picking, and pokemon. When exciting news was that the ice cream truck was coming. When fights were water balloons and squirt guns in summer.
When gameboy and mario were prominent. When songs didn't have any interpretation but the surface meaning deduced by a child, when the innocent child's mind could enjoy things that had a deeper, darker meaning without ever knowing it. When we used to all have each other's backs. ("If someone attacks us, we can use our martial arts and throw our bikes at him then ride away real fast!")
When being a daredevil was riding our bikes no-handed at full speed down a steeply-sloped street.
When we were tough because we went on journeys to the wilderness area and rode bikes really fast and tripped while playing tag, and ended up with scrapes and cuts. When we lost a member of our exploration group and got overly scared for them, taking our journies so seriously. Trekking around, drinking water from broken sprinklers when we were thirsty and chewing the plants we knew were safe when we got hungry.
When we rolled in the grass, running and playing tag until we were tired and sweaty and itchy. When we used to skip dinner to play, and eat really fast when we were forced to eat so we could get back outside as soon as possible and not miss anything. When we used to explore behind our backyards. When we gave performances on our lawns and sang for our invisible audiences. When we would hide in the garage and play with stuff there. When we would play act. When we were so creative we could literally take some sticks and rocks and play with it for hours. When no one had cell phones and found their entertainment in the great outdoors and barbies.
We all want to go back to that... let's escape to the Undying lands and live with Elves and never grow up. We'll dance and listen to their beautiful bell voices and play all day and sleep as long as we need. We won't have drama and wont deal with the complications of adult-hood. Our imaginations will be real and our fears will be a distant dream.

The author's comments:
This is basically a recap of my childhood and thoughts... the heart-pouring on a Sunday morning, typed quickly on and iPod touch.

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