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March 11, 2012
By Sacrifice018 SILVER, Griffin, Georgia
Sacrifice018 SILVER, Griffin, Georgia
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I'm dead... to you at least and everyone else around me. Invisible to the one that used to be able, to see right through me. You always knew when I was troubled or hurt. You'd always be by my side; comforting me until I was better. But now those times will never reoccur. The words we used to share are now erased. They will now be replaced with everything new that you and her create. It doesn't matter anymore what happens to me. I still don't know why I long to be with you. I guess, I just miss everything we had. And it kills me to know that all of our love will vanish into thin air. That I'm never going to be the one running through your mind anymore.. she will. But, you will forever be running in mine. I'll keep imagining that one day we will return to each other. For some reason I know that won't ever happen. I've made too many mistakes & left you standing in the rain numerous times. I assume you've realized that as well because; you didn't chase after me when, I ran away. I just let you go. I just told you goodbye. I just lied and kept my true feelings from you. So, you could be happy. Now, I've come to realize I've made a horrible mistake. I should have never gave up on us. I shold've kept fighting. Especially since I loved you with all that I was. But now I'm nothing without you. It's as if I'm not even here anymore. All I want to do is lock myself in a room and cry until I can't anymore. I've started cutting again too. You were the one that always encouraged me in being the best I could be. Why was I so stupid as to let you go?

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