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Creating Memoirs of Their Living Hearts

July 30, 2012
By jeepster72 BRONZE, Perris, California
jeepster72 BRONZE, Perris, California
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Sometimes the people who have inspired you the most will never notice it. Sometimes those same people are the ones you are most afraid of losing. And sometimes, like in my case, they are the ones that begin slowly parting from your side, until they’ve completely forgotten they were once there; forgotten who you were, and who you still remain. It’s like some magical curse; a giant hole in the timeline of both your lives. It’s as if you never loved each other, as if you didn’t know every dream and every memory the other holds inside their heart. I find it so odd, more so sorrowful, that we make ourselves out to be strangers, after being so fond of each other. I like to think, well, I believe, that once you fall in love with someone, you can’t fall out, whether a boyfriend, or a friend, one can never really stop caring for a person they’ve begun to care for. Maybe they just forget, but inside they’ll never stop, because once someone has shared everything they’ve been through in their entire life with you, and you can put yourself in their shoes, and feel what they have felt, the bond is unbreakable. At least that’s what I used to think. I keep reminding myself, trying to keep sometime alive, that’s already dead.

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From one day to the next, the best of friends can become strangers, for the absolutely unknown...

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