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Maybe it's time to grow up.

August 11, 2012
By RamonaThePunkRocker GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
RamonaThePunkRocker GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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Maybe it was time to grow up. To forget about the make believe life of dragons, vampires, and snake boys. Time to move on. Time to embark on a new adventure. But these memories plague my mind, like a forest fire. Could starting anew really be so easy, and am i ready to grow up and become a new person.

I remember the first day of make believe, and fairy tales. You told me of a great vampire clan, and i was captivated by your wild stories of war, and love. I soon decided I wanted a part in this fairy tale as well. That's when the game really began.

We fought through bloody battles. Sword clashing against sword. The battle field littered with bodies, and the our two man army defeating the bad guys. But as immortals tend to do, we became lonely. You where the first to bridge from the duo. A black haired vampire, with a lust for blood and violence claimed your heart. He was what you had always dreamed of. Strong, poetic, and dark. I was truly happy with your knew found love, he became a great ally, even if he scolded quiet often. I the younger of the duo, found myself fancying a young blond. He was great. A dim wit maybe, but kind hearted, quick to aid, and loyal. It was quiet the fling and we where very much happy with our life's. I soon became a leader of the clan, while you branched of assuming control of a rebellion group and fighting for what you believed in. Like always i being the younger followed, using my statues as a cover and defying the codes and rules of life i once believed in. We began an army, a meager one, but an army at that. Romance was at the back of our minds, flings forgotten as we secretly planned the demise of our own people. It was evil of us, but we where fighting for a knew cause and cared little for the people we would hurt. Then on a calm spring day a battle erupts of seismic proportion.

With my trusted sword i ran into battle, tearing man after man down with sharp stabs to the gut. A man appears from the depths of the battle, his long raven colored hair casting a shadow over his pale face. Pointing his long sword at me a malicious smirk engulfs his face. And like that I run forward.

And then...I woke up, in my bed. Morning light was shining through the window and my dog was running in circles frantically to get my attention. That day I got dressed and went to school. You don't acknowledge the fable i recited...

You had matured before me and in less then a day, left the land of monsters, romance, and make believe and left me behind in the process. I couldn't fathom what was going on. Confusion setting in. I was alone. The story would never be finished. It was time to grow up and go make a new story in the real world where everyone else was. To live in a world where trivial matters where more important then good or bad. Where black and white where gray and where dragons and vampires did not exist.

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