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Too Much Pressure?

July 2, 2013
By Hannah_d BRONZE, Penicuik, Other
Hannah_d BRONZE, Penicuik, Other
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The average modern day teenager is put under a lot of pressure. Whether it be school and exams or friends and family, young people are expected to deal with a lot. They are also given a lot of mixed messages and conflicting ideas. For example we are told to 'Make sure you get 8 hours sleep' but also to 'Complete all your homework on time!' even if it takes until somewhere near midnight. I find that one thing we are constantly told to do is 'think of your future'. We are expected to plan a career path at a young age, often by adults who when posed the question reply 'oh I still don't know what I want to do'.
In short, I believe teenagers should be able to enjoy their teenage years without constantly being asked to have their lives mapped out ahead of them.

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