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About Miguel

August 11, 2013
By WallFlowerAlice GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
WallFlowerAlice GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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This year two months before my thirtenth birthday I fell for one of my peers. He was an absoulute gentle man. When it came to me and the other girls talking about who we had a crush on he was the only guy on my mind. I told a spcific friend that I liked him and she told one of Miguels friends. He told Miguel and maybe the whole school. Every scond maybe I had someone asking me if it was true that I liked him. I cant even find the words for how embaressing it was. Then Miguel finally asked me if it was true. He and I both blushed as we both passed notes back and forth asking each other quistions about what he liked and what I liked. I had high hopes he would ask me out but days went by and he never did. So I gatherd up my courage and asked him out maybe four times. Then finally the day came and he finally said yes. Everyone congradulated us. We were possibly the talk of the school for other students and the tachers. Time went by and I changed and so did he. A close friend had started talking to him. It had become very aparent to me that he was totally into her. Even though she told me she was not leading him on. Then rumors started flying by that he was cheating and another boy kept filling my ears with possible lies about him and her. It drove me abosoulutely crazy dump him the boy kept saying your to good for him. The words hert and pierced my heart. The boy tried to give me reasons to break his heart. My close friend was in a realtionship with possibly the most gourgeous eigth grade boy in middle school wich was a signal that she was not intrested in Miguel. A coincidence was that she was having realationship trouble to. We made a deal to break up with them on the exact same day. I broke up with Miguel after recess. His heart shatterd before me I could of died beacause I felt the exact same pain. His world had fallen to pieces and so had mine. But if I had to say whose breakup went better it would have to of been mine. Miguel actually did care for me and my awkward ways. My friends boyfriend danced his way out of the classroom and was happy. She cried as we gatherd our things to go home and I could of cried to. I was listening to somebody Iused to know a million times that night and cried my self to sleep. The next day my friends and i were singing we are never ever getting back together. And again time has gone by and its august im still into him and I can not let it go. Miguel told me their was 75% chance of him coming back for eight grade year. In a few days ill find out if he was serious about leaving and if hes still there im asking for a second chance. Miguel please take me back im so sorry I miss you so much! But if he dosent come back i'll be single until high school and continue on without my first love.

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My inspiration came from boredom and Dillon on my mind. My first realationship taught me valuble lessons. I hope that anyone whos in a realtionship blocks out what others say or do until they can prove it.

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