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The Dance of Terror

September 24, 2013
By Sparkle1pops PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Sparkle1pops PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Once upon a time in a land not so far away called Detroit,
a 5 year old little girl named Sophie was slumped in front of a television, intently eyeballing a weekly dance show with mild interest. It was a broiling hot summer night, with nothing to do but watch the little TV box as she always did; until Sophie started to sprout an idea in her head. She decided that she and her younger brother, Eli, were going to dance like the couple on the show. So she started to search for her brother, she searched high and low, until she found him outside laying the sandbox sucking on a shovel. She struggled to pull the sand toy out of her brother seeing as though he was biting down quite hard on it, but managed to rangle it out. With a little application of force she got her brother inside to their living room where there were plenty of couches for them to use as stages. They hoisted each other up unto the sofa, using their little grubby hands to reach the top. Once they were up they started dancing, but not exactly like the people on the television, it was of more of a tribal indian dance combined with the attack of a wild Boar.

They jumped up, and they swang down, flinging each other all around. They twirled round and round until they became very dizzy. Then they decided they were going to try and throw each other into a flip, just like Sophie had seen the man on tv, do to the woman; although Sophie was too big for Eli to pick up so she would throw him instead. She used all her might to lift him in the air, then she tossed him down, but sadly, tiny Eli was headed straight for the wooden arm of the couch right beside them. Sophie’s eyes grew wide with terror as she heard the loud, “clunk” of Eli’s head meeting the hardwood. Sophie saw him start to cry, so she began to run to her parents screaming, “Mommy! Daddy! Eli’s head fell off!” Sophie’s parents came running into the room, picking up Eli, carrying him out to the car, and strapping him into his carseat. Sophie followed them timidly, then saw Eli waving at her, “nice dancin’ Sowpie,” he called to her from the back seat. Then her parents shut the door, and drove him away to the hospital, leaving her with her older sister, Olivia.

Sophie went back inside, feeling pretty bad that Eli had whacked his head during their extravagant performance, and slumped back onto the sofa where all this trouble had begun. Olivia was watching television right beside her. When Sophie realised her sister was watching a dancing show, she grabbed the remote from her, turned off the television, took the batteries out, waddled over to the trash, and threw them away. Then Sophie climbed up onto the couch, laying both her chubby little hands on Olivia’s face saying, “no more dancing tonight, girl!”

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