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How I Became a Writer

July 6, 2014
By FreelanceWriter SILVER, South St Paul, Minnesota
FreelanceWriter SILVER, South St Paul, Minnesota
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Im unbelievably determined because when your'er as naturally ungifted as I am, you have to keep driving forward, wright?

Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell

Let me start out by saying that I didn't always like to write, I didn't even like to read. I was only three years old when I came to america, I didn't speak any english at all. I even had to repeat kindergarten because i just didn't know the language. After repeating the class I moved on to the next grade.

I remember in second grade that when the teacher asked me to write two sentences about a topic I would just write in random letters of the alphabet and turn in in like that. when she gave it back to me, it was correct in green sharpie marker. Know that look back on it, I think that she wrote on the side “I can't read this” I stayed like that until I reached 5th grade.

My fifth grade teacher was young, and good looking teacher know that I think about it, we called her Ms. W. She liked reading and when we start the school year she told she us she readed 30 books during the summer know being the student that doesn't like to read or write that seemed like a lot to me.

She was explaining the things that would happen throw out the year and how we are to behave and all those things. Then she told us about the reading and the essay’s. Every time we finished reading a book we were to write a handwritten essay about and turn it in. She had the biggest classroom library of any of my teachers. The easy book about plants, animals, and space exploration were down at the bottom. I stuck to those because I didn't want to read any of the big fat chapter books.

After finishing my first book of the year which was about the rainforest I wrote my essay. Something that I thought was hard and boring start to make a special place inside of me. I would write nonstop and even get pissed of when someone would bother me during my work time. I just liked sitting in my desk not talking and seeing word come out my pencil. Words that I could read and understand and making them work with each other. In my opinion word are like puzzle pieces, youn what they and how they work but you have to move them around so you have a good written piece of paper that you can be proud of.

Thats what I felt in my writing pride. I was getting Bs for my essay’s and for a kid getting over dyslexia I think it was a big accomplishment. So writing was a part of me so was reading. I think this two go together. Because the more reading I did the more I had to write about

In the 6th grade I kept on writing. My teacher made use gat writing journals and told us to write in it when we had spared time between work time. Wound wound write whatever I like in it about spider airplane you know what guys are into at that age.

It was towards the end of sixth grade that i start to keep a journal. I had one when I was 3rd grade but lost it. I would just write things that happen to me as I got older i found out how to use word to capture my emotions. I was good at writing nonfiction works but failed to write down how I felt about something.

The summer after 6th grade I started writing poems in my journal they weren't anything amazing like Robert Frost. They were short poem like haiku and tanka. I was not embarrassed or ashamed to tell my friends what I do on my free time and they were cool about it when i told them.

After 9th grade I had a stronger need to write about things, not just daily journaling or poems but more complex things. I also want to put my work out there so people could read it. I want to be know for my good work someday. So I signed up for Teen Ink. So her I am writing on teen ink. Takes me some time to submit in work and I need to write more draft and re-read my work but sometime I write for the joy of writing.

Know I'm not saying im better than Stephen King or the next William Shakespeare. Im just saying that I like to write and hope one day I can be recognized for my writing and even remembered for it, And I hope all you young writer want the same thing to. So good luck with you guys and don't ever stop writing even when people say you can't write. Just say to them “I write because I enjoy it.”

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