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Growing Up

September 8, 2014
By Hbkooy PLATINUM, Champaign, Illinois
Hbkooy PLATINUM, Champaign, Illinois
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            As I grow older, my tastes certainly have changed: new clothes, new friends, new foods, and new music. My personality is different from when I was younger too, I’m more mature, smarter, and I’ve learned from many mistakes.

            A big part of what I’ve become is my taste in music. I like rock and a little metal. It seems innocent, just a genre. Different people listen to different things, but in a world of pop and rap, liking rock can cause people to see you as different, as an outcast, and often times, as a little bit scary. I don’t understand people’s reasoning; it is louder, therefore it is evil. The members of the band look different, therefore they’re satanic. In the end, they’re just some fun people doing what they love, and me, the listener, is enjoying their creation. For many people, that just isn’t obvious.

            Another difference is I now embrace what I used to fear, such as people with piercings, tattoos, and alternative clothes. I have now either adapted many of these styles to myself, or I have viewed from afar how wonderful they look. Unfortunately, even doing as little as wearing a black shirt with black pants can cause people to stereotype you. “Emo.” “Goth.” “Scene.” They are thrown around from teen to teen, and often no one realizes the harm they’re causing. No one needs or wants to be labeled, and no one should ever be scrutinized for their style.

            I was a very fearful child, practically afraid of my own shadow, but now there are many dark things that I have come to enjoy. Halloween was difficult; while some people dressed up in cute or fun costumes, there were always people that dressed up as serial killers or zombies. Now, I love seeing how scary or realistic the costumes can be made. I also have found a love for scary stories. There is a popular website called Creepypasta, and I have read many of the stories on there. I even tried to write my own scary story.

            As a teenager, I have found my creative side. Art has become prominent in my life, whether I’m creating a sculpture or drawing a picture. I also have become a young writer; writing is a great way to express yourself or to spitball some ideas you’ve had floating around for awhile, and I have spent hours writing and editing stories.

            I understand that I’m still developing, and I still have many years of school left. From junior high to high school, I have become almost a new person, and I can only imagine what will happen when I move on to college. In the meantime, I will enjoy what’s left of my childhood, and wonder at what’s in store for my future. 

The author's comments:

I was thinking about my childhood, and I found it amazing how much I've changed.

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