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To, New Driver's

September 22, 2014
By KkatKreationz PLATINUM, Minerva, Ohio
KkatKreationz PLATINUM, Minerva, Ohio
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Dear, New Driver's

        The first time I drove a car I was twelve. I pushed the gas pedal, and It rolled up the hill. Now, mind you, I was allowed, and I had a parent right next to me. The second and third time- I also had a parent next to me. Simply push and it’ll go up the hill, tap the breaks and it’ll stop. That’s the extent of knowledge I had of driving.
I got my temps when I was fifteen. That knowledge was still with me but shoved to the back of my head. What no one ever told me was that the first time you sat in a drivers seat, started the ignition, and was ready to go- that it’ll scare all thoughts out of your head.
The very first time I drove on a road- was a busy city street with wall to wall traffic. Terrifying, right? Yep. You had no idea. I was behind the wheel and all thought dissipated into thin air. I couldn’t remember which was the gas pedal and which one was the break.
Over time, I got better at driving and what I’ve learned is that everyone has different stories. And within their stories there are thing no one tells you.

1; Your brains may leak out because of the extent of fear you may be feeling.

2. jelly, fish- like legs may be the after math of adrenaline. No; WARNING! YOUR LEGS MAY BY UNDER EXTREME PRESSURE, BEWARE OF THE JELLY LEGS at all. Nothing. Stepping out of the car was hard for me the first five times I drove. And yes, I admit with great difficulty; that maybe once or twice I may have done a face plant because of the significant amount of jelly that filled my legs.

3. The lead. No one told me about the lead your leg would turn into. Like a heavy weight or something. Or a giant Charlie-horse. No one. It must be a secret thing that all parents share: Don’t tell your kids about the first day driving disease. It may be contagious and fill the whole body with jelly and lead.
4. The amount of times you’re eyes may wander! It’s amazing how many time’s I catch myself day dreaming while driving. I did not know this was humanly possible. Unless- I may not be a human at all… Hmmm… I may have to think on this one a bit more…

5. The sibling’s. Why is it so hard to drive straight, and well with your siblings? You drive perfectly without them and then it’s like, “MISTAKES! COME OUT AND PLAY!” That- or the noise in the back is them beat bopping to their favorite song and the tail end of your car is swinging back and forth. To my sisters; I promise this was not a fat joke.

A little.

6. Backing up. No one told me backing up would make absolutely no sense. Especially to a new car driver. Ugh.
7. Driving while doing some other minor activity. This is no menial task- I assure you. This takes some practice.


So this is all I can think of at the moment. New driver- please be careful driving. No TEXING AND DRIVING! Please. For your own safety and for others safety. Thanks for reading! Hope you had a laugh :) 

Your's Truly,


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