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Dreaming in a Pumpkin Patch

September 26, 2014
By _fabulous_killjoy_ BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
_fabulous_killjoy_ BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Laughter filled the air, along with shouts, and inaudible mumbles to whoever the person happened to be with. I was lost, and alone. I searched frantically, running past the patch of pumpkins that I would visit again later to pick out a special one to carve for my front porch. I ran faster weaving through the children accompanied with adults like a string through a tattered piece of cloth. I was searching for a set of green eyes, a mop of brown hair, and a bright pink jacket. I was in charge of babysitting one of my little cousins, the younger of a set of twins. My other cousin was off babysitting the older of the two. We had been taken to the pumpkin patch with them so we could celebrate my first male’s cousins first halloween. Their parents were off with the one year old, leaving us with the two five year olds to argue over who took care of who. In the end we settled for letting them decide and then switching in thirty minutes, and here I am twenty minutes later searching for the child who had run away to where I assume their were more children her age.
Searching, searching, searching, twenty one minutes, searching, twenty two. I heard a familiar laughter and snapped my head to the side to locate it.
Found her, jumping with other boys and girls in a bouncy house. The thing was filled with teenagers, jumping lightly as to not harm the small child. I walked over and climbed in, struggling through the taller, older kids to get to the precious five year old.
I called out to her, she laughed a bubbly giggle and raced through the giants who carefully moved to let her pass and jump into my worried arms. Still giggling like a schoolgirl on a date she asked where I’ve been, I casually lied to her, not wanting to get into trouble for losing a five year old in a one acre pumpkin patch.
She jumped down and continued her fun, me sitting in the corner and watching her carefully, prepared to jump up at the slightest indication that she was harmed. I watched as she climbed out and retrieved her shoes, me following closely after. Relief coursed through me at the sight of a head of bright blond hair, and a shorter head a brown, indicating that my older cousin had come to trade the more calm of the two for the rowdy one I was currently watching.
I swore to myself and vowed to watch this child more closely, not wanting to stress myself of having to search for another lost child. The older of the two calmly walked up, and linked my hand into hers, startling me out of my thinking. She smiled up at me with eyes full of innocence and sparkle. I smiled back and let her chose our destination, following closely behind as to not get lost.
I told myself to not daydream, and to pay attention to the child, her constant chatter, and to survey the people around me. Stepping closer to the small girl at any sense of danger or threat to her well being. I sat on a bench and watched her as she ran into the playground. Letting my mind wander off, I was again startled out of my thoughts as a small boy appeared in front of me, crying slightly.
After further inspection, I noticed he was hurt and lost. Deciding to go against my better judgement and search for his caretaker, I pulled him into the bench with me and allowed him to fall asleep as I watched my small cousin play with another group of girls at the swingset.
Again my mind drifted off to music and unwritten books, not being interrupted this time.
As my mind floated back to reality I felt an uneasiness in the pit of my stomach as my eyes scanned the playground for the small girl I was in charge of.
Growing more worried at the absence of dark brown hair and a green jacket, I was up and off again, almost forgetting the small helpless boy resting on my shoulder. Running off I smacked right into my little cousin, who seemed to be talking to an adult about the boy who was asleep in my arms.  
Handing off the sleeping bundle I gently grasped my cousins small hand and retreated to the patch of pumpkins so she choose one and I could watch her more easily.
I made a mental note to never daydream, or allow my mind to wander off when in charge of a younger.

The author's comments:

I was only thirteen at this time so I had a slight heartattack when I lost my little cousin but who wouldn't?

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