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A Bitter Breakup Story

February 12, 2015
By countrygirl28 GOLD, Colleyville, Texas
countrygirl28 GOLD, Colleyville, Texas
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My one and only relationship ended at the place where most great romances start: band camp. It was seventh grade and I had just gotten my first boyfriend. Oh, how excited I was! I was giddy, really. My thirteen-year-old self was sure that destiny had placed the love of my life right before me. He was incredibly sweet, caring, and he had the most gorgeous brown eyes I had ever seen. Plus, he played the saxophone, so we spent a lot of precious time together in band, peering at one another over music stands as the director conducted what I decided would be the soundtrack for our future wedding. We could have been playing "We Will Rock You" for all I cared. All I heard was the sweet melody of "Pachelbel's Canon" ringing through the air. I am, of course, being facetious. I will take the dramatics down a notch. I was young, vulnerable, and quite oblivious.

It sounds as if everything would work out; however, two weeks later our relationship took a turn for the worst. While we were watching the oh-so-romantic movie “The Sandlot,” my first and only boyfriend broke up with me in probably the worst way ever. Imagine this: the object of your affection is sitting next to you in a dimly lit theatre at-let me reiterate this-band camp. All seems well, of course. What could go wrong? He pulls out his phone, so you assume he is going to text his mom or do something cute like that. You think that is adorable because guys who respect their mom automatically seem that much more attractive to you. About thirty seconds later, your phone buzzes in your pocket. Oh, you think, so he wasn't texting his mom. He was texting me. How sweet. You blush and proceed to eagerly reach for your phone. You quickly flip open your hot pink Razr, expecting to find a heartfelt message.

Instead, you read the dreaded words, "I think we should break up.” Unfortunately for you, the message is more heartless than heartfelt. Speechless, you turn to your now ex-boyfriend with a quizzical look on your face. He stares straight ahead, pretending to be fascinated by a group of awkward adolescent boys playing baseball. You are confused because you know that “The Sandlot” is a pretty good movie, but shouldn't he be looking at you instead? He should at least have had the courage to speak with you in person instead of texting you. Dumfounded, you watch the rest of the movie, blinking back tears as you try not to cry. You know that you will sob into your pillow later on, but why waste your make-up on a guy that could not even speak to you?

In a world filled with incredibly awkward breakup stories, mine has to be near the top of the list. To make matters even worse, my twin forced me to go the final band camp dance later that night that, even though we both knew that my ex would be attending. The entire gathering was incredibly uncomfortable. I stood like a statue in the corner, staring straight ahead at the wall, trying not to notice the fact that my ex was dancing in what seemed like a very close proximity to another girl. It did not comfort me to see that the girl was wearing a very tight mini skirt as she shimmied and swayed by the guy I was dating a few hours earlier. He seemed to be enjoying the show a little too much. Near the end of the dance, I finally mustered up the courage to ask him to dance so that we could talk about what happened. Needless to say, the talk was not very productive. We slow-danced with a considerable amount of space between us, awkwardly shuffling side to side while the song “What Hurts the Most” blared through the speakers. Oh, I was definitely hurting! Neither of us would look the other in the eye, either. When the song ended, I immediately darted to my room and cried because I did not know what else to do.

And so, that is how my only relationship and consecutive breakup went. It was not ideal, of course, but I have moved on. Now, one of my best friends is dating my ex, but I am completely fine with that. They really are cute together and I think they will eventually get married. I am still friends with him and I know that he has matured over the years, as have I. He is a very nice guy and I know that I can still talk to him whenever I need to. I just hope that I am never broken up with over text ever again!

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