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Let me blossom

August 27, 2017
By Mira Nehlawi GOLD, Damascus, Other
Mira Nehlawi GOLD, Damascus, Other
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"What's that on your hand?" He asked in a worried tone, she kept silent.
"Tell me what is it?" He asked again in that same tone and she kept silent.

"I hope it's not what am thinking..." he said in a tired tone after giving up on insisting cause he knew how much of a stubborn she is, but this time her eyes began to water, he looked at her with worry filled eyes and she started sobbing...

"Am sorry" was the only word she can think of "am sorry, am sorry, am sorry, am sorry" she kept repeating as she cried harder, "you don't have to be sorry about anythin-" he said but she cut him off "am sorry i brought the knife to my hand, am sorry i lost it, am sorry that i want you to help me through this... I don't want a knife to do that... am sorry cause i wanted you to hold my hand,cause the scars wouldn't be there if you did.. am sorry am too weak to handle that, am sorry my parents hate me and keeps me locked in a room, am sorry you had enough of me you decided to let go..." she took a minute to get back to her earlier posture, took a breath and spoke more calmly this time "am sorry I don't want you to let go, I don't want to let go"

She started breathing heavily and stayed silent.
After a few minutes he broke the thick heavy silence "am sorry too... am sorry I couldn't take your hand in mine.. am sorry i was a coward and I chose to let go, am sorry i turned out to be as selfish as you are, am just sorry for myself, am just sorry for you."

If anything his words only brought her to cry in silence, not sobbing, just tears escaping her warm welcoming eyes down her cheeks... she was almost sure his heart did not break to the scene in front him like it did months ago, she was sure that his hand will never replace  the knife...

"I hope you still come every February to watch that blossoming tree..., i guess it's my time to start blossoming too after a hard cold winter that occupied my heart." She said those words and walked her way, leaving him behind with the slightest hope that he might follow and ask to hold her hand.

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