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Race in My Life

October 27, 2017
lifeishardbutbeautiful SILVER, Amanda, Ohio
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The event that I want to write about is not a big one but it means alot. This event actually takes place at a Wendy’s in Canal Winchester. I was there after a volleyball game, I remember we had won that game. We were all hungry so some of us that were riding in Coach’s car decided that we wanted Wendy’s. I don’t know what everyone in there thought when we walked in but most people seemed annoyed because most of the team was being loud. When we had decided what we wanted we each went up  and ordered. This was the point when I noticed the cashier; he was a taller attractive mixed guy and he literally looked he could have been my brother. He made eye contact with me and smiled. I automatically had a sense of camaraderie without knowing why. When I was done ordering he said that he would bring over the food to where we were sitting when it was done. Obviously he brought the food over  and handed everyone their food. The big thing of this story is what he did when he was giving us our food. He gave everyone else their food and then when he went to give me mine he said “ Tell me if there is thing that i can bring you or if you need anything else, alright, Jasmine right?” I was shocked at first because he hadn’t said anything to anyone else, let alone ask their name. I got over it quickly though and said “ yeah, thank you.” I smiled and he smiled back as he left.  Most people would take this as flirting, even most of the girls thought he was flirting with me. I knew better though because I knew he knew how I felt being surrounded by white people and being the only mixed / black person around. I was the only one that he talked to, I was the only one he talked to because of my skin color. This was new to me because I was getting treated with more respect just because I was mixed. I had never had my skin be a privilege that I had and not just something that made me different.


The change that happened was that I started looking at myself who had been blessed with something that not everyone else had been. My darker skin was a good thing something that other people could want, not to sound like I am better than other people but my skin was finally something good. I have always been annoyed that I looked different than everyone else that I lived around every day. I felt like my skin was a curse almost, because I didn’t  fit in with  all the other people and my family that I was around.  This made me feel like I belonged somewhere, with someone.

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