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Standardized Testing

November 15, 2017
By miaH.505 PLATINUM, Albuquerque, New Mexico
miaH.505 PLATINUM, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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they have me worrying about arbitrary tests scores. they keep me up at night trying to scare me with all of the equations I don't know. I refuse to be tricked into thinking my future will be hindered by a frivolous number. these tests do not measure the passion coursing through my veins. do not measure the love in my words. do not measure my intelligence. humanity. heart. they have tried to make writing into a right or wrong answer. my language. my words. my poetry. is. not. theirs. to. test. i am not a 25.  i am not a 16. 32. 29. 400. 1500. 750. 2400. No. i am a person. and I will not be placed on a scale only to be assessed on mere preparation skills. examine me instead. then give me an avenue so i can learn to fly.

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