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Racism in Public

February 28, 2018
By lullniyaa BRONZE, Sacramento, California
lullniyaa BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Once, I went to a Asian market and the people that work there was looking at me like why i’m in there store. I felt like they didn’t want me in there store because the color of my skin so they had a issue with me being African American. I was wondering why would they have a problem with me because the color of my skin. I never knew it can be so much hate towards me.  After the fact im still in the store because  my mom is shopping for somethings this guy start following us i’m like mom look she turned her head and she asked  why are you following us? It was kinda creepy the man act like were stealing out his store. I went to the cashier bought the stuff we bought some beets,corn,string beans while we was walking out the guy said n*****s don’t come back in my store. I felt angry because it's crazy hows there's a lot of racist people in this world.

The author's comments:

what inspired me to right about races people is that its not good to judge people by there skin color

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