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Hot Rods??

May 14, 2009
By Stephany..... BRONZE, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Stephany..... BRONZE, Bowling Green, Kentucky
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Dear Mr.Taylor,

I am so excited about having our own major league team in Bowling Green. Who would’ve ever thought about Bowling Green having their own team and especially because its such a small town compared to others. I just can’t wait till we can go see the team play, so far this is really working out, and your ideas are really good. Except for one, I don’t really like the name “The Hot Rods” it doesn’t really make any sense with al the geographical features within Bowling Green. Bowling Green is small even so we have many and many beautiful sights, and adventurous places, but out of all that you chose “The Hot Rods?” Well I took my time went over the beautiful natural characteristics of Bowling Green. And guess what I came up with?

I came up with “The Bowling Green Cave Wilders” in my opinion I think it’s a really good name for the team. It will bring attention to the small children especially because children now a days are very curios about every single detail they see, smell, hear, etc. and when the children/kids hear that were going to have a home team named The Cave Wilders there going to want to go see them play. Then their parents are going to have to go with them. Now I’m going to summarize it for you, the name will bring attention to the children, and the children will influence their parents, which means more people at the games. And it makes all of us happy. On the other hand, naming it The Hot Rods isn’t a very catchy name, not enough to catch the kids’ attention. It might catch a little bit of the adults but doesn’t influence enough people to make the money that could be made with a catchy name.

The idea that brought me to the name is because we have a Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. Stephen Bishop rediscovered it, and was designed a world heritage site in 1981. Mammoth Cave, a limestone cavern that has more than 484 km (301 mi.) of charted passageways extending through five levels and is the longest known cave system in the world. But the official name of the Mammoth Cave is the Mammoth-Flint Ridge. The cars “Hot Rods” were a Ford Model T in the 1920s, although the big hot rod movement began here in the late 1940s. So apparently they weren’t invented in Bowling Green and neither Kentucky. So there for it has nothing to do other than we have them now in Bowling Green, nothing to do with the geographical features our town. The Hot Rods aren’t very popular, so there for not a lot of people know what Hot Rods are which doesn’t attract very much people and you won’t make a profit out of anything you put into it. Further more they weren’t invented in our century and little kids seriously have no clue what they were, and I didn’t know either. Until I saw one of the logos on one of the internet sites I realized they were the cars that go to Beech Bend every once in a while.

Most importantly we are and always will be recognized for Mammoth Cave. The Hot Rods weren’t even invented here so there for Bowling Green would most likely be known for the cave other than the car. Mammoth cave is a natural beauty that will always be here in Kentucky. We should appreciate the natural beauty that we are lucky to have. Hot Rod might be a beauty to some people but it’s not natural. Not only the Mammoth Cave is a beauty but is the largest cave system in the world. Also the rivals that will be playing against them will be scared because names are a person’s first perspective.

In summary The Cave Wilders is a good name to them because it represents us, will be a person’s first perspective (in a good way), and we are taking advantage of our natural beauty. Now you know the ideas that I came up with. I really appreciate your time and I recognize that you do have tons of things to do. I hope you consider this letter. Thank You.


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