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Defeat MAG

By Anonymous


The game starts,
And the first playis called
It will be the running back,
Who gets the ball.

He runshard,
Weaving in and out
And all he can hear,
Is his own voiceshout.

Faster! Faster!
Don't slow down
But he still getscaught,
And tackled to the ground.

The ball falls,
And rollsaway
It will be his fault,
If they lose the game.

But no matterwhat,
The team plays hard
Passing and rushing,
For every possibleyard.

They score three touchdowns,
But it's one too few.
The lastsecond runs out,
And the game is through.

It was a well-foughtgame,
In every possible way
Yet you can't help thinking,
About thatfirst play.

When you work hard to win,
And put all your effort

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