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Snowboarding MAG

By Anonymous

     It was early morning and the sun beat down on my rosychecks. The wind was fierce and whipping through my long hair. My boots weighedme down as I walked up to the lifts. The fluffy snow crunched under my boots.When I reached the top I sat down to put on my snowboard.

I got on thelift and it took off like a rocket but slowed once the chair was high in the air.It started to snow and I could feel the flakes burn my face. The lift tookforever, and I anxiously waited.

Reaching the top, I lifted the safetybar, got off and sat down on the side of a trail to put my back foot into thesnowboard. I stood up and started to fly down the slope. A feeling of freedomswept over me. The other people on the slope were little blurs as I sailed pastthem.

Before I knew it, I was at the bottom of the mountain again. I gotin line for the chair lift and knew there was nothing I would rather be doingthan snowboarding.

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