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Golf Addiction MAG

By Anonymous

   I first picked up a golf club when Iwas seven years old. At that time, I had no interest in thecomplex game of golf, but eight years later, it has become anextremely large part of my life. The challenge, competitionand mental part of the game have gotten me addicted. I findmyself going to the golf course to get away from what'shappening in my life.

Golf is not like any otheractivity. One week you can play like a pro and the next likeyou just picked up a club for the first time. These ups anddowns make golf one of the fastest-growing sports in theUnited States. Its complexity is unmatched. One minor glitchin your swing can drastically alter your ball's accuracy.

Strategically, golf is one of the most demandingsports. You must be completely focused and have totalconcentration. The best players can overlook the negativeaspects of their abilities and focus on the positive to gainconfidence, which results in better play.

Thegame of golf has, and will continue to, influence many. Aslong as there is the exhilarating feeling of a long drive,accurate iron, or draining a long putt, don't expect this gameto decrease in popularity.

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