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   Parasailingby Staci Malterer, Newcomerstown, OHIt was one of the most thrilling, heart-racing experiences I've ever encountered. I went to Hilton Head, South Carolina and decided to challenge the forces of wind and water - I went parasailing.It was a cloudy, humid morning. I sat motionless, awaiting my turn, as waves broke against the sides of the tiny boat, rocking everyone aboard. As they strapped me in, I prayed I would come back in one piece. There was no turning back now. The boat slowly started to move. I grasped the rope, realizing that an inch-thick string was the only thing between me and the overwhelming Atlantic.Gradually, the parachute went higher and higher as the speed of the boat increased. The wind was racing all around me, and suddenly I noticed my palms weren't sweaty anymore. I wasn't nervous at all; rather I had the most carefree feeling in the world. I was soaring 300 feet in the air, and the view was spectacular. For the first time, I looked down and saw how beautiful the ocean really was. The dolphins were gracefully gliding and jumping through the dark waves, and it gave me a feeling that words could not express. I never wanted to come down. But the next thing I knew, that's exactly what happened, only they weren't bringing me back to the boat. I was headed straight for the water. My body started to squirm, as if that would protect me from the shower I was about to receive. Droplets of water drenched my body and stung my eyes. My bare feet were dragging in the dark water, waiting for some gigantic monster with enormous tentacles to devour my toes hanging below the surface. But finally, after I was soaked, they pulled me back to safety. My heart was still racing. It was one of the most exciting and daring things I've ever done. And if the opportunity ever arises, I will do it again. l

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