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By Anonymous

   Forget sky-diving, bungee-jumping or wing-walking. Here's a thrilling adventure. First you must pack your equipment - water bottles are a necessity in the sweltering heat after this intensive "work-out." Be early or there won't be enough space, and you'll have to wait. Bring a friend, so you won't look stupid by yourself. Does it sound like you'll be in the grand mountain rapids, fighting the waves and screaming hysterically with glee? Nah.

I'm talking about tennis. I don't play the "lazy-soft-slow-weak- have-a-nice-day-and let's-do-lunch" tennis. I play the "smash- scream-spin-around-the-court-like-a-lunatic" tennis.

The sport has suffered from a lot of popular stereotypes, like it's a "sissy" sport and "only wimps play." People obviously aren't aware that professional players can smash tennis balls over 120 m.p.h. They probably have never been hit by a tennis ball at that speed either. However, if you watch doubles on TV, you can see the net players get a nice look at the ball before it knocks them out.

So, let's say you're at the court trying tennis for the first time. A myriad of lines outstretched in weird directions catches your attention, and you find yourself thinking water polo sounds exhilarating. But don't quit yet. Once you try tennis, you'll love it forever.

So, enjoy yourself out there. Imagine yourself as one of the greats preparing for the overhead smash ...

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