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Girls, Guys, And Sports: Do They Mix? MAG

By Anonymous

   What's up with guys these days? I mean, if a girl wants to play a "guy's" sport, it just isn't right. But if a guy wants to play a girls sport, it's okay. I don't think sports should be gender-oriented because when they are, it just causes problems. I know a girl who was on a high school football team, but she didn't get to play because of her sex. She is really good so that couldn't be the reason. I also knew of a guy who wanted to try out for cheerleading and did. He made the team, but I never saw him at any sporting events.

I feel that if you are good enough to play in the man's world or the man in the woman's world, then you should be given that opportunity. Don't deny anyone because of their gender. After all, aren't we supposed to be created equal?

The female softball pitcher playing on a (previously) all-male baseball team is super-awesome. I really have respect for the guys on that team and for the girl. So, in conclusion, I feel that girls and guys who are capable of playing another sex's sport, should not be held back from accomplishing their goals. l

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