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By Anonymous

   Welcome back to Jets Stadium, folks. Mike Farrelly here to call maybe the greatest game ever played in NFL history. The scene is set: fourth down at the one-yard line.

The Giants have the ball with three seconds to go as they inch closer to the championship. They are down six points and need a touchdown to win, but it will be a challenge to score on the imposing Jets' defense. The play will be remembered forever in football history. It looks like the players are dead tired and they should be after four quarters of battle. By this time, they have to run on pure adrenaline.

The defense is set with a look that could strike fear into the hearts of any quarterback. The crowd is going wild, all 84,000 of them. Teammates on the sidelines can't even watch at this moment of such high tension. The quarterback calls the play in the huddle as the offense heads toward the line of scrimmage. Finally, the Giants quarterback puts the play in motion and before he can blink an eye there are two huge Jets' defensive lineman grinning above his body.

Watching this game would be a dream of mine, as a huge football fan. Although I don't play football, I can't wait for Sundays so I can spend the day watching the sport I love. I get dressed up in my Jets' jersey and hat and replica helmet. I watch the pre-game shows from early in the morning until the post-game late at night. I find myself screaming at all the bad plays, and rejoicing for all the touchdowns. I live for game-breaking runs and bone-crushing tackles. I love to hear the sound of helmets crashing together and the roar from the crowd. It doesn't matter whether it is a high school or college or professional game; I enjoy watching them all.

I play with my friends on a field or a street or any vacant lot we can find. As long as there is a football, it doesn't matter where I play. I may never be on the varsity team, but it doesn't matter to me. Sometimes it is frustrating when I watch my high school team lose, and I think how maybe I could have helped them. I watch the games in person and on television but it just isn't the same as playing. I probably will never play football on a team, but it will always be a dream of mine to get out on the gridiron and give it my best, and sometimes, dreams are plenty - or at least, enough. l

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