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Celtics Playoff Bound? MAG

By Anonymous

   The hype of the Celts making the playoffs here in New England is exciting for everyone, including me, one of their biggest fans. With the pre-season in October, we'll see if the players of a new era can prove themselves against the rising level of competition. With the X-man, Xavier McDaniels and the "Human Highlight Film," Dominique Wilkins both gone, the Celts have a good amount of money to work with. The question is: do they want to start with fresh talent or do they want seasoned players with experience? We'll see what happens.

Now, most people think that the 20 points per game of their point guard, Sherman Douglas, was just a fluke, but I think he may have finally come of age. Dee Brown is, however, one of the most inconsistent players for Boston; he'll have to work hard to prove critics wrong. Pervis Ellison and Eric Montross worked hard to get their combined average of 17 points per game while Dino Radja averaged that all by himself. Dominique's 18 ppg will be missed, but with a hopefully wise decision from M.L. Carr, the Celts coach, those points will be made up with more defense and more points from Pervis and Eric.

Providence defensive standout, Eric Williams, who is a small forward, will hopefully pick up some dragging slack. David Wesley and the Celts other defensive standout, Rick Fox, will both be off the injured list giving the Celtics a little hope but maybe not enough.

So are the Celtics playoff bound? No, I don't think so. Boston is in a process of what people call "rebuilding." With a lot of luck and a little hope my team will make the playoffs again. l

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