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The Glorious Game MAG

By Anonymous

   I walked out into the bright blinding lights, thinking to myself, we have to win this game or our egos will be grounded. I took this time to gather my energy. The ref blew his whistle and so the game began. "Offense, get onto that field and hustle!" We stepped out onto the freshly mowed grass and I set myself waiting for the ball to move.

"Hike!" the quarterback shouted. I ran out for the pass, caught it and ran to the 40 yard line and was tackled. I was a little shook up but got back to my position. It was first down and ten to go. The center hiked the ball to the QB, who handed it off to the fullback. He ran through the line like a steam engine locomotive. He came to the 30, to the 20. It looked like he was going for a touchdown but was sacked hard at the 10 yard line. We all waited for him to get up. Why wasn't he getting up? The coach came onto the field to check out the situation. Our teammate was carried out of the park to the locker house. This was not good because he was the powerhouse of our team.

It was fourth quarter. There were five minutes left in the game, and the other team had the ball. It was their third play of the quarter and they scored a touchdown. They lined up for the extra point. The kick? No Good! It was 20 to 25, their lead, with two minutes left. We still had a chance. We lined up for offense with a great feeling of hope. The center snapped the ball to the QB. I ran as fast as my legs could take me. My heart was pounding hard and fast. The quarterback threw the ball with all his might. It soared through the air, cutting through the wind like a bullet. It was coming my way. I ran faster than I ever had run in my life. I was 10 yards away from a touchdown, ten yards away from success. The ball came closer and closer. Boom! Touchdown! I kissed the ball. Everyone came to congratulate me. I did it. Thank you, God. l

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