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The Boston Garden MAG

By Anonymous

   The parquet below, the rafters up high

Larry Bird's threes always opened crowd's eyes.

From Cousy to Russell to good old D.J.

With the green, no team stood in the way.

Sixteen years of magical bliss,

The memories of the Garden we will always miss.

Championships, thrills, and wonders galore,

So many great memories on top of one floor.

From Espo. to Orr and all of the greats,

Stanley Cup playoffs always opened the gates.

Neely, Bourque and Adam Oates, too.

The love for the Garden will always be true.

From opening game to the final good-bye,

Just the name Boston Garden brings tears to our eyes.

As we close the Garden door and leave the memories behind,

Those spectacular memories will never leave Boston's mind.

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