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Big Brother's Watchin' MAG

By Anonymous

   Big Brother's Watchin'

hey there kiddo -
way to go
a flash in the paint
and it's pride in gray
and all of a sudden
One Voice rises above the scream -
- Big Brother's Watchin'
no jealousy; just
pride as thick as the love
for one last name
to be a part of the game
One Fist shot into the Air
and A Smile that says a million words
- Big Brother's Watchin'
gone and near forgotten
A Legend and A Story and nothing more
The Star that grew to a man
yet still lives out his dream
- Big Brother's Watchin'
He never misses a beat
almost as though He wrote the script
The Voice in the crowd
that rises above, majestically
and the statement so clearly pronounced
engrained firmly in each of our impressionable minds
"That's my little brother!"
yup -
- Big Brother's Watchin'
and each time the net snaps
The Heart swells
and He stands to applaud
and two eyes glance up from the floor
and I catch a glimpse of a smile
and I read his mind ...
"That's my Big Brother!"
and those two eyes wouldn't notice if the crowd went for pizza
just as long as
- Big Brother's Watchin'
and the years fly by
and numbers and scores are erased and replaced
but tonight I wonder
whose hero's whose
and maybe kissing the gold doesn't matter today
'cause he stood on the floor in his blue and gray
and there was always That Face in the crowd
a smile
a cheer
a tear
and a prayer
- and Big Brother's Watchin'

by R. M., Anson, ME

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