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   Reggie Lewis

by N. B., Brockton, MA


Reggie Lewis, the Boston Celtics captain who died on July 27, was much more than a basketball player. He was a genuine person who gave to the community and kids who were less fortunate than he. He took time out to give turkeys away to the poor and to help kids with basketball techniques. He wanted to be remembered as a good person first, and a good basketball player second. With all the accomplishments on the basketball court, his actions outside the game topped them.

His passing left many in shock and sadness. Close to 15,000 people attended the public funeral at Northeastern University in the arena where Reggie played college basketball. His casket lay under his jersey number that the school retired in 1989. Speaker after speaker provided a perspective about Reggie that they saw, and brought a tear to many. As the last chants of Reggie were being shouted, a feeling of emptiness was felt. After the service, hundreds more people lined the streets to show their appreciation for Reggie.

When the Celtics start their season, it will be in memory of their friend and teammate. No one can predict what type of season the Celtics will have, but they will do their best just like their fallen leader, Reggie Lewis.

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