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Gym Every Day - Hooray! MAG

By Anonymous

   Only 50% of boys and 25% of girls are getting a hefty workout daily. Strong physical condition depends on using muscles and bones, keeping the heart and lungs working. Most students get their athletic activity through after-school sports or town leagues. Scheduling physical education five days a week would give all kids a chance to build up their stamina. As well as teaching endurance, gym would relieve the pressures of a rigid academic day.

A positive attitude toward sports can help kids physically and mentally. A dedicated workout keeps the heart pumping and the blood racing. Statistics prove that physical fitness improves self-esteem, which, in turn, creates a healthier outlook toward life. Kids throughout the nation need this energy boost. How can we help?

The increase in P.E. (physical education) classes needs support from students, parents, and teachers. Getting input from schools that have P.E. daily would provide guidelines. Meeting with physical education teachers and pediatricians will help parents understand how important it is for their children to be in shape. Encouragement and commitment is a step in the right direction.

Over half of the nation's youth are out of shape. Gym every day could cure this problem. Kids need your generosity. n

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