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"Dee" Is For Dunk!!! MAG

By Anonymous

   Before All-Star weekend, Dee Brown was virtually a nobody to anyone who wasn't a Celtics fan. Sure, we all knew he was in the Gatorade Slam Dunk Contest this past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, but did we think he would win? I sure didn't think he stood a chance against such dunkers as Shawn Kemp and Kenny Smith. Dee Brown took basketball fans by storm with his dazzling dunks!! And what a way to start off his show by pumping up his expensive Reebok Pumps! At first, pumping up was a big hit with the crowd, but by the third time, a murmur from the crowd could be heard loud and clear, "I wonder how much Reebok is paying this soon-to-be millionaire?" Dee advanced to the finals of the contest along with Shawn Kemp of the Seattle Supersonics. Shawn was the favorite going into the contest, but Dee didn't cut him any slack, handily taking care of Kemp with his last dunk: "Close your eyes, the money's in the bag dunk!!"

There is no question in my mind Dee Brown is one of the most promising rookies in the NBA this year. I'm sure many Celtics fans will be keeping their eyes on this Dee-serving slam dunk champion in the years to come!

It's true, great slam dunking ability doesn't make you a superstar in the NBA. Face it, Dee Brown doesn't always start for the Boston Celtics, but no one can argue that a spectacular dunk every now and then can really get a team like the Celtics going!

It is clear the Celtics' future is promising now that Larry Bird is back in the lineup. I would definitely keep my eye on the amazing dunker, Dee Brown. After all, "Dee" is for dunk!! n

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