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Take Me Out Of The Ballgame MAG

By Anonymous


The hometown team was down a run

In the bottom of the last.

The final game was almost done.

Two had walked and one had passed.

The bases were then full of men,

When Casey came up to the plate.

The game was up to him again.

He stood so proudly, tall, and great.

When Casey stared straight at the mound,

The pitcher stared straight back at him.

He tapped his bat upon the ground.

The pitcher pulled down on his brim.

The pitcher wound up in a whir.

The baseball flew away.

Over the plate came the speedy blur.

The catcher shouted, "Hey!"

The shout distracted Casey and

He turned around and leaned.

The pitcher thought he had him fanned,

But Casey had been beaned.

The fans rushed on the field to get

Their hero, brave and bold.

The people didn't know it yet,

But Casey was out cold.

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