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Quarterback Crackback

January 11, 2010
By Connor Wilcox GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Connor Wilcox GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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During the third pre-season game on August 31st on Monday night football, Vikings quarterback Brett Favre was penalized for an illegal crackback to Texans’ safety Eugene Wilson. A crackback is when a wide positioned blocker blocks back to where the ball was snapped, resulting in a loss of 15 yards for team with the penalty. Wilson was slow to get up on the play and never went back into the game. He suffered a left knee injury on the play, and was unable to play in his last pre-season game. The Texans are unsure if he will be able to play in the season opener.

Favre is now paying for that block. September 4 Favre was fined $10,000 for the penalty. After the game Favre was asked to comment and he said to ESPN, “I will be turning 40 years old in October. I wasn’t thinking about throwing blocks.”
There had been reports that Favre may have a cracked rib prior to the block on the play. It is possible that Favre was protecting himself and did not consider the possible repercussions.
Favre was questioned about the injury and he answered to ESPN, “If there was ever a time that I would have gotten a crack rib, or wanting to stay down on the turf, that was it. I have no idea if it’s cracked. But there’s nothing you can do about it, first of all really I don’t think it is. It doesn’t feel great, but I think I’ll be fine.”
Though the block seemed unintentional, Wilson’s agent is still waiting for an apology.

The author's comments:
My former favorite quarterback mad a big mistake in a game, and i wanted to right about it.

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