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Cross country

October 18, 2007
By Anonymous

Cross country is a difficult sport
Where you need a lot of heart
Your body can only go so far
Then your body has to come up to par

You must tell your body to click up a gear
And throw away all that you fear
You can't be afraid of the coming pain
Without it there's surely no gain

With that in mind you push to the front
Like a wolf leading a hunt
The lead fills you with newfound hope
So you surge onto the upcoming slope

A mental barrier meant to make you fall
It looms above you like a wall
You look back as you surge through the crown
And see that only one rival is around

You click up yet another gear
And throw way all that you fear
The desire to win your race
Makes you pick up the pace

The finish line is coming near
And so is someone on your rear
The crowd is constantly chanting
Along with the sound of panting

Your heart is pounding in your head
Your legs fell like a ton of lead
Luckily your haert wins over
The race now comes to closure

You finished your race out on top
You never slowed down or stopped
You pushed yourself past exhaustion
That;s very difficult in my opinion

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