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The Most Important Game

November 15, 2007
By Anonymous

It was my team’s second season playing together; it was the final game of the season for us. We had finally made it after long, hard hours of training and soccer camps we had made it into the qualifying finals match, we had to win the game in order to move up to Classic 3.

Before our usual pre-game warm-ups our coach called us in for the pre-game pep talk, after this we finished warming up and went in to play the final game of the season. The whistle blew and the game began, my team passed the ball back to me and advanced forward, I had worked too hard for this moment to blow it in one game, I cleared the ball up to our forwards and moved up the field. I remembered our coach saying in his pep talk to watch out for this team, they played dirty and 2 of there players had already fouled out this season, as I approached the opposing team’s forward with caution, studying him, but then the ball was passed to him and I was still unfocused. Luckily, he lost control of the ball and it went rolling twenty or so yards behind me towards our goal, then in a split second I snapped back into game mode and went after the ball with the forward trailing behind me, as I got to the ball I settled it and released all my energy into it, sending it back to the forwards. I could tell my team’s eyes were all on me and then I realized how close the other team had just come to scoring, and then I realized just how important this game was, not just for me, but to the whole team as well. It was half time and the score was still 0-0, as we all sat at the sidelines laying exhausted our coach was pacing around us trying to come up with a plan to beat the team, in the meantime our team talked together and agreed that we had trained too hard and come too far to lose now, we are going to win this thing! The ref blew the whistle, this time the other team started off with the ball, we quickly recovered it sending the ball back up, one of our forwards received it and began dribbling it into the other team’s goalie box, than out of nowhere one of the defender’s on the other team took him out with a nasty slide tackle! Our forward was on the ground; the ref paused the game and had our coaches get him off the field, he was applauded for his bravery and the defender was given a red card which meant one of our guys could go up to take the free kick. This was our chance to score and there was little time in the game left. We chose our left midfielder to take it, as he approached the ball it seemed like I was seeing everything in slow-motion, the, “BOOM!” He nailed it straight into the upper right corner of the goal! We won the game and congratulated the other team for their efforts.

But in the end I think it was our hard work and sacrifice that won us the game and for that I am proud of our team and I truly now believe that anything can be achieved through hard work

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Jason David Liao

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