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Never giving up

December 13, 2007
By Anonymous

“I think I can… I think I can” although these words are babyish they can really be inspirational if
you actually think about them. Who knew a little train could have such a big message? I believe you should never give up.

Stupid procrastination is going to be the death of me. Did I mention I can’t stand English class? Back in seventh grade all I did was slack off in there, which in turn when I got my midterm I had a D in English. My first thoughts were words that I cannot say at school nor in this speech. My second thoughts were well… time to buckle down; so that’s just what I did. I busted my butt all of the next term and in turn I ended up passing with a B+.

Here I go my moment to shine as I burst through the opposing team’s offensive line. I was thinking to myself I am getting a sack, but “nooo” it never goes my way. You see it turns out it was a run play I learned this when the running back went blazing by me. Instead of giving up like a little quitter I just turned around and sprinted after him and while he was “juking” I ended up making that tackle. If I would have just given up I would have never made that tackle.

Later in the football season our team had to play a football team called “Boyle County.” This team hasn’t lost a game all season. Game day end of the first quarter I looked up at the score board and I’ll just say things weren’t going our way so far. After looking at the score board I was beginning to think oh I guess we’re going to lose again until I noticed one of our players jumping into the air for an interception, and it didn’t stop their he ran it all the way back for a touchdown! That’s when everyone on our team looked as if they had new life everyone started putting more effort into it than they’ve ever put into anything, and in the midst of it all we got another interception for a touchdown and finally went on to win that game by two.

“Go ahead give up its ok if you never want to be successful or you can put forth some effort and be somebody if you choose.” I believe if you want to be successful you won’t ever give up.
By: Blake Johnson

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