January 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Why? Why do we run sprints night after night? Running to hard we throw up. Dribbling so hard your heart beat rings in your head, while your lungs are grasping for air. Late nights, early mornings, weekdays, weekends. Torn muscles, deep bruises and sprained ankles. We dribble through it all. Because we live off of our adrenaline, because the game frees our spirits, because there is nothing like the party in the locker room, because you are invincible once you step on the court, because one basket can make you smile all night. The battle for the rebound, the feel of the rubber on your finger as you grasp the orange leather sphere, and shoes squeaking on the floor. . .it's a rhythm to live by, because it IS possible to run fast enough to leave all your worries behind. Sweat is the perfume of out accomplishment. Why? Why would you push themselves so hard? It's not for the money, it's not for the boys, it's not for the fame, and it's not for the glory. We do it, only because, we LOVE it.

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on Mar. 28 2019 at 12:42 pm
mikeshabrown17, Austell, Georgia
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basketball is a passion,because its high paced. There is no dull moment in the duration that the game is played