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Michael Jordan

January 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Michael Jordan

One of the greatest athletes and basketball players of all time is Michael Jordan. Born on February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, New York, he played basketball in North Carolina. As a junior in college he entered the NBA draft, he was then selected third overall all by the Chicago Bulls. Jordan then returned to college to finish his degree.

During his first season in the NBA he averaged 28.2 ppg on 51.5% shooting. He rised to fame very quickly just as expected. When he appeared on the Sports Illustrated cover the headline was “A Star Is Born”. In his rookie season he made the All-Star game yet through a controversy he did not get passed the ball. This did not affect Jordan because when he returned to the regular season he made rookie of the year.

Jordan retired on October 6, 1993 because of his fathers murder earlier that year. His father was killed in Lumberton, North Carolina by two teenagers. The teenagers were caught and sentenced to life in prison. Jordan was very close to his father and his signature tongue came from his father.

Jordan played thirteen seasons with the Chicago Bulls and two with the Washington Wizards. Jordan’s game high for points was 69 which he accomplished in 1990. He averaged 30.1 ppg and scored 32,292 points in his career. His jersey number was 23 and 45.

Michael Jordan is probably one of the greatest athletes of all time. He still lives today doing underwear commercials with Cuba Gooding Jr. He also played a little of minor league baseball during retirement from basketball.

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