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2008 College Guidance Draft

December 6, 2007
By Anonymous

Who will come up big on draft day? Every round matters.
Mrs. Rosenberg approaches’ the podium and announces, “Ms. Sardina-Konen is on the clock. “
Ms. Sardina obtained the first pick in the 2008 college guidance draft through a multi-student deal with Ms. Allen. She has to be going Arjun Chandar; he’s the obvious number one pick. Still, she’s not just going to yell out Arjun. She’s going to wait the full 15 minutes to remind Mrs. Allen and Mr. Pineda that the first pick is hers.
Mrs. Rosenberg once again approaches the podium. “With the first pick in the 2008 fantasy draft, Ms. Sardina-Konen selects Sam Huber.” The room silences; before Mr. Pineda’s clock even starts, he yells out “Arjun.” Then Mrs. Allen, trying to control her laughter, tells her about her pick reminds her of Mario Williams and Reggie Bush. Mrs. Allen looks at her pre-draft rankings and sees that she has Meredith Rutland at third. Although Meredith won’t put up Arjun type numbers, she will produce. Finally, Allen chooses Meredith Rutland. That concluded the first of many rounds.
You might be asking yourself what makes a student a good pick. I caught up with Mr. Pineda, who declared, “I use three factors to determine if a candidate is good: GPA, PSAT, and their performance at the combine. Potential first round picks are invited to the college guidance office to show off their abilities. At the combine they indulge in hours of standardized tests.” After all the fun with the draft, the counselors then have to get to work. They have a long year ahead of them.

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