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April 25, 2008
By Anonymous

Ever since the accident to the Florida Panthers right winger Richard Zhednik took a skate to the neck almost cutting open a artery and almost killing him people have taken such a different view on the way hockey is played. Yes it is one of the most dangerous sports. It is also the most exhilarating with big hits, nice shots, fights, nice moves, goalies making big save.

If you watch hockey two of the best player’s in the world are both in there third years of the NHL and dominating. Alexander Ovechkin, and Sidney Crosby. Every little hockey player’s dream is to hoist a Stanley cup or even play in the NHL. I play high school hockey and it is such a great time. You have playoff races right to the last game, you wanna be the top goal scorer, and you wanna get the game winner for your team. With the fans at the rink who are also your friends you want to impress them. If people in America would take the chance to sit down and watch a game they would soon find out how interesting the game is and they could learn the rules also. Some rules of the game of hockey are there are two refs who make the penalty calls. A penalty is a when a player does something to an opposing player that is illegal. Illegal actions are hitting from behind, slashing, cross-checking, tripping, boarding, there are more. Iceing is when a player on ether team takes the puck and is not past the red line (the middle line on the ice) and shoots it down past the goal on the other side. Offsides is when a player on your team goes across the blue line in your offensive end and you go across the line with the puck. Something new that the NHL has recently added was a shootout if still tied after an overtime. I think that makes the game more interesting, there are three players aloud to shoot, if still tied after those three players the team puts out there next guys until someone scores and the other team doesn't. My favorite team in the NHL is the Pittsburgh Penguins and my Favorite player is Sidney Crosby.

The sport of hockey is a great sport to get involved in because everything that is going on in the game. The best hockey game is two great teams battling against each other right until the final second.

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I played hockey to till i mived. and i still wanna be a hockey player and you gatta work hard for it. O and even though i dont know you but do a lot of high school have hockey. becasue i live in japan and thier is no hockey and i with i could.