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Baseball--A Poem in Four Voices

May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

As viewed by a Boston Red Sox Fan
One word says it all: Boston.
Nobody can stop us. Not even the Big Bambino himself.
And the Yankees, awww forget about ‘em.
We beat ‘em during the regular season and we’ll beat ‘em in the playoffs.
Nobody can touch the World Champion Boston Red Sox!

As viewed by a Louisville Slugger Bat.
Baseball players are clueless.
They rub me down with sticky pine tar and spit into their batting gloves
As if that’s gonna make them hit any better.
I mean come on. I was handcrafted for maximum velocity and power.
Who do these chumps think they are?
They’re nothing without me.

As viewed by a small town umpire.
The little league championship is tonight.
I hope Joe’s got behind the plate.
I’m afraid I’m getting to old to squat down behind it anymore.
I can’t believe that it’s the last game of the season already.
I can’t believe it’s gonna be my last night umpping too.

As viewed by a little girl.
I betcha I’m more better than those smelly boys.
Momma won’t let me play though. She says it’s not what little girls do.
But Daddy said I could. He says I’m the bestest one ever.
One day I’m gonna go play for the ‘Lanta Braves.
I’m gonna be the bestest baseball player ever.

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bballchic said...
on Aug. 16 2008 at 3:47 pm
I really liked the different viewpoints of this poem, great job!