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A second faster

June 24, 2008
By Anonymous

"Pain is only the absense of weakness" our track coach told our group of weary sprinter on our second day of vigorous practice for our meet against our rival team. "Another 400 meters. Ready for more time trials?" A chug from my best friends bottle of blue gatorade. "Sprinters to the starting line" someone yelled the day of the meet. We hurry over and eye our competition as we prepare ourselves at starting blocks. "Ready, Set.." The gunshot pierces the air and we fly forward in our lanes. Pushing harder, this is passion. We forget our friends cheering loudly from the sidelines. Crossing the line first is the only thing that matters. A flash of yellow, a runner from the other team leaps over the finish line a second before you. Your friends circle around you. 2nd place. Your heart pounds. You know that next time, you'll have to be a second faster.

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