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The Great Game

October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

The sweat was dripping from my brow, the heat was immense. The coach was speaking, I could see his mouth moving but I didn’t hear anything. The game kept going through my mind, how were we down, what has gone wrong? I glanced at the score board 14-0 guest at the half. Coach tells us to bring it in, “Quarriers on three, one two three Quarriers.” We break off and prepare ourselves for kick off. The kick was a far one and we covered it good they got it on the twenty and the defense set off for the biggest comeback of our lives.

“5-4 cover 3 5-4 cover 3 ready break” Hunter calls out. We line up and the balls snapped I get off my block the ball goes up the four hole, the halfback comes to kick me out, but I see the prize and I went for the tackle. I put a quick swim move on him and I hit the running back hard, he gains nothing. Lennox was getting nowhere and it was a quick three and out.

We got the punt on our forty and we set off to get some points on the board. The line was getting their blocks, sticking with them, and we were getting yards. We got it down to first and goal with about eight yards to go, Hunter drove it up the middle and scored, the two point conversion was also good. We were back in this 14-8 guest in the forth with 11:46 left on the clock.

We kicked off and they got it on about the 20 again but we were determined to get the ball back and we did with another quick three and out. We got the ball on our thirty this time. Lennox steps up their defense and we are getting nowhere. Tanner brings in the next play, it’s a fly pass on forth and nine to a first down.
“Red six red six, down, set, go!” I step to my left and get my block, the line is giving Channing time and he is staying in the pocket. Tanner is wide open, Channing throws a perfect pass that leads him perfectly. Tanner catches it and burns the defense all the way to the end zone to tie the game up 14-14. We failed on the two point conversion with less than a minute in the forth to go, we held them back after the kick and we went into overtime.
Overtime is simple you get four downs, 10 yards to the goal, and both teams get a try at it. We go on offense first. We try to go outside but we get nothing. Then we went to the air and Channing gets sacked. We tried to go outside again, gain of five yards but we still need eight yards for the score. I run the next play in and Channing calls it out in the huddle, “I right F-2 counter trap trent on one, ready break. Everyone lays it on the line we know how much we need this. Were quick out of our stances and quicker to our blocks, Hunter has a wide open hole to the goal and he gets it in. We fail on the 2 point conversion again.
Lennox starts to run it up the middle every time, they gain little by little but they score on forth and three. Lennox brings in their kicking squad for the one point conversion. We call a time out; Jorgie rearranges the whole defense into a bunch on the right side pray we can block the kick. The ball is snapped and I crash through along with Riley and Justin, but he gets the kick off. I look up and knowing that the game relies on this kick, the kick looks good but it goes and hits the right goal post, the kick was no good, its second overtime 20-20.
Were on defense first this time. We stopped them dead in their tracks they gained nothing on us. The next two plays goes to the air but Weston is there with two clean deflections. Then they run it to the outside but Chad is there with a great tackle. Now it’s up to offence, if we score we win, if we don’t its third overtime.
We want this win so bad all we have to do is score and it’s ours. The ball is snapped and we get blocks Hunter goes up the middle and is in the end zone first down, we won. We came back knowing what had to be done and we did we played as a team and we won as a team, the feeling was indescribable.

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