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October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Tonight our freshman team will play the West Central Trojans. Although we have beaten them the last two years we must stay consistent with the winning streak. The Trojans are a good football team and have always been our rival school for most sports. If we can keep beating them by the time we are seniors and playing varsity they shouldn’t be as much of a threat as they are too are varsity now.
By beating the Trojans in seventh and eighth grade doesn’t mean anything because they could be better football team by now. For one, there coaches are more experienced and have specific jobs rather than just coaching the whole team. They also have better plays, which are well thought out before they are even run. Seventh and eighth grade football was also way easier than freshman football because you played everyone your own age. In freshman football you can play a 9th grade team that has sophomores on their team. By playing freshman football you could also just play straight up JV teams, which was the scenario for our team. If you don’t count Tri-valley and West Central we have played all JV games.
Our season is about over this year, after the battle against the Trojans we only have one game left. Our final battle will be against the Madison Bulldogs. Earlier this season we defeated Madison’s JV team 21-0, scoring 14 of our 21 points on fumble recoveries. Both got returned for touchdowns. One returned for thirty yards, the second returned for forty yards. Against was probably our only game that we scored all of our extra points on. Even though we won the game I was disappointed in myself for not getting more tackles. I missed a few of my tackles in the backfield because I didn’t see the runner and I didn’t break down. I got one or two sacks and missed about one other sack because the QB got the ball off before I got there.
On Thursday October 16, 2008 we played our game against the West Central Trojans. The final score was Dell Rapids Quarrier’s 6, West Central Trojans 0. Through our game we had multiple chances to score. One time that sticks out of my mind is when we missed the touchdown and we were told to spike the ball if we didn’t make it in, sure enough we spiked the ball a few seconds later we found out that it was fourth down. It was the Trojans ball on our one yard line, but luckily they only had time for one play. It was now half time. We scored our touchdown in overtime and of course missed our extra point. The first play West Central ran they fumbled it and Chad recovered it which won us the game. Everyone said that it was a Shriver win because nobody thought it was a fumble although the Trojans running back admits he fumbled it.
With that all said I think that we are a much better football team, than we thought before our game against West Central. We have improved not only from last year and the year before but we have improved even from the beginning of this year. Our football season just keeps getting closer and closer to being finished. I hope that by next year we can be a much better football team than this year.

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