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Barry Bonds

November 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Barry Bonds was born in the 60’s and still lives today. He started his career in 1986 and still plays today for the San Francisco Giants. In this book Ross Bernstein does a great job describing Barry’s life. In Barry’s life he had to be persistent a lot. Barry was on the pirates for the start of his baseball career. Barry made the all star and led the pirates to the play offs. Every time the pirates made the play offs Barry did good, but the rest of the team did bad. Barry used persistence to keep on trying. After a couple of years of this Barry used flexible thinking to ask the coach for a trade. Barry was traded to the Giants. He led the giants to the play offs 6 times. They made it to the world series twice. Even though the giants never won the championship Barry used persistence to get them back in the play offs. I think that the habits of mind are a part of success in life. Barry’s life would have been nothing if he never used flexible thinking and persistence.

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