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E Ola Mau I Ka Hula! MAG

By Anonymous

   Dancing the hula has brought me so much joy. The beat of the drums, the strum of theukulele, and the harmonious voices move my body like the fluidity of water andthe spark of fire. The drums beat steadily like constant footsteps. Theharmonious voices flow together like running water. As I dance along with my hulasisters, our movements become one. The expressions on our faces and our feelingsfrom within tell a tale like no other. Our dresses sweep across the floor likethe soft morning mist.

These thoughts show the great happiness that hulahas brought me since the age of four. When I dance, my body becomes a specialelement which paints a beautiful illustration. In order to convey the correctillustration, one must become the element. If a song or chant is about a breeze,you must become that breeze to tell the tale properly. To me these are the mostexhilarating and impressive feelings that hula has brought to mylife.

Being a dancer for eleven years has taught me so much. Through hulaI have learned about my forefathers and my culture. It has taught me how to bepoised and to carry myself with pride. I have also learned how to work withothers. The lessons of my kumu hula (hula teacher) will remain with me forever.The most precious one I've learned doesn't apply just to hula, but also toeveryday life: without communication, progress will not take place. Withoutcommunication, obstacles will get in the way and goals will not be reached.Learning this has taught me how to work with others to achieve a common goal.Knowing this, I feel I have become a better person. E ola mau i ka hula! Longlive the hula!

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