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The City on the Sea MAG

By Anonymous

   Thedark sky gleams with stars, and a gentle breeze passes through the soul amidstthe bustle of people on the street. The salty air clears the lungs as I strolldown a winding sidewalk, taking in all the sights and sounds. The city ofBaltimore, with its ocean views and towering skyscrapers, is one of my favoritetravel destinations. The busy downtown area, the Camden Yards baseball stadiumand the Inner Harbor make it one of the most exciting cities in thecountry.

Busy scenes of life overwhelm me. Sightseers from many nationsand states, as well as those who live there, wander the wide streets. Busy shops,restaurants and offices line each sidewalk and light streams through each storewindow as I stop to gaze inside, marveling at the food and clothes.

As Icontinue, the summer sun warms everything while the gentle presence of the seacreates a cooling effect. Birds soar above intimidating buildings, and Americanflags in a cascade of red, white and blue ripple in the wind.

From thecrowded streets, my attention is diverted to beautiful Camden Yards, home of theBaltimore Orioles, which shows prominently against the evening sky. Cherry-redbrick arches support the illuminated stadium, and a sense of wonder overcomes meas I enter the ballpark. The magical air that seems to engulf the crowd takes mein. The scent of hot dogs and popcorn fills my nostrils and reawakens my hunger.I relax in one of the thousands of seats and eagerly anticipate three hours ofbaseball. On the field, the players trot up and down for their warm-ups. Theperfect condition of everything around me justifies my love for thegame.

After the excitement and intensity of Camden Yards, I stroll downthe worn wooden decks of the Inner Harbor. I'm elated as I encounter a coolbreeze from the ocean. A faint line separates the sea and sky, and wispy silverclouds float toward the golden sun. Birds call from all directions, spreadingtheir wings as they sail over the ships. I stop to gaze at the scene, and feel atrue appreciation for everything around me.

The waves drift toward meand, as they bounce off the dock, I realize I can never grow tired of such aplace. Standing there, my worries are gone and everything feels like a dream. Iturn away, content with myself and everything I know, while feeling somewhatsaddened that the time will soon come to leave.

Home again, miles fromstunning Baltimore, I long to be wandering its streets, watching America'spastime at Camden Yards or simply walking along the boardwalk. Although thosedays are gone, the memories of my trip are still with me. Whenever I yearn forthose feelings, I remind myself that someday I will return to Baltimore andrelive my dreams once again.

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