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By Anonymous

   I live in the least known state in thiscountry. Delaware is small; it's unnoticeable at a glance of aUnited States map and less populated than Rhode Island, whichis about half the size of our second smalleststate.

It's sad Delaware isn't known for much, becauseas any student should know, it is the first state of theUnion. Also, it is home to one of the greatest things ever:tax-free shopping. That's right - what the price tag says, wepay.

Since I'm writing about my state's anonymity, Ihave to share the experience we had with a gas-stationattendant in Wisconsin. A few years back, beforepay-at-the-pump service was invented, my mom gave her creditcard to this man. He looked at her strangely and said,"I'm sorry. We don't accept credit cards from out of thecountry." We quickly explained that Delaware was a statebetween Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. and leftlaughing.

I know most are aware that Delaware is astate, but this story really helps point out that there arepeople living their everyday lives never knowing my state evenexists. And now, maybe more people will know why our country'sfirst state has been nicknamed Dela-Where?

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