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Caesar Rodney

February 25, 2010
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Caesar Rodney was born the son of Caesar & Elizabeth Crawford Rodney on October 7, 1728 on the family farm in East Dover Hundred, Kent County, Delaware. Caesar Rodney signed the American Declaration of Independence and became one of Delaware's earliest heroes. Rodney served as judge, militia general, delegate to the Continental Congress, speaker of the assembly, and in other assorted offices in Delaware before and after the American Revolution. He is most revered for his 80-mile horseback dash from Delaware to Philadelphia in July, 1776 to cast his vote for independence from Great Britain. The ride was depicted on a special Delaware quarter struck in 1999. Caesar Rodney was born in 1730. His birth place was in the town of Dover, Delaware. His parents sent him to Latin School in Philadelphia when he was 14 years old He was born into a very wealthy and famous family. Caesar Rodney's lineage shows both English and Italian heritage. His grandfather, William Rodney, first came to America in the 1680's. During the 1690's William had settled in the Dover area. The family was very wealthy and just kept getting wealthier and wealthier. In addition, the family intermarried so during the civil war the family size was reduced considerably. They then started seeking partners in other countries. Caesar’s father and his family moved to Dover, Delaware later on in Caesar’s father’s life. Caesar’s father died in leaving his oldest son, Caesar, the duties of being the man of the farm when he was only 17 years old. Caesar's guardian became Nicholas Ridgely. Mr. Ridgely was the clerk of the peace for the Kent County court and prothonotary, which meant, of course, that he had knowledge of the law and books. This started up his political career and interest. When he became 28 years old, he was appointed sheriff. He then became justice of the peace and a judge in the lower courts. In 1762, he represented Kent County in provincial legislature. In 1765, when the general congress was assembled he was unanimously appointed to represent Delaware. Because of the stamp act, America was going crazy. When legislature met to discuss this, Mr. Rodney was appointed to express America’s thanks to the king for relieving them, from a burden they thought was oppressive. The king kindly received this address. The inhabitants of Delaware were very anxious to hear about the reconciliation between Britain and the colonies. Also Caesar had a military career. he began this career in 1756 during the French and Indian war. Caesar Rodney began his military career in 1756 during the beginning of the French and Indian War. He joined Colonel John Vining's regiment, and was named Captain of the Dover Hundred Company. His company, however, was never called into battle. Later on in his career, Mr. Rodney got sick and had to step down from his public duties and seek medical advice in Pennsylvania. He had a cancerous affection on his nose and it spread throughout his face. The doctor in Pennsylvania was very skillful and relieved it until Mr. Rodney went to England to permanently fix it. In 1769, he was elected to speak at the House of Representatives and he was a chairman of correspondence with other colonies. In 1777 he was made commander of the Delaware militia with the rank of brigadier general. In 1783, after his term as “president,” he was elected to the legislature but unfortunately died the next year. He never married and had no children. Mr. Rodney accomplished a lot in his lifetime.

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